Dear Supporters,

I was just a mom who felt overwhelmed with life, overworked and not happy with being overweight and not loving the way my nursing career was going. I felt stuck and I knew I was meant for more. 

So I decided to start working on my health to gain the energy and stamina I needed to start pursuing my greatest dream, to live life with purpose and design. 

I didn't realize that this first step would become the upward spiral of creating the life I have always dreamt of which included more time with my family, me becoming the healthiest I had ever been even before my children, and helping women to achieve similar goals on a greater scale. 

My whole life took a turn for the better when I started to work on myself inside and out and that's when I realized I had a powerful tool to help more women achieve the same! I started Our Best Year Ever Project from the need to share my story and growth and inspire that kind of action forward.