"Building your strongest self, is building your best self."

Our programs, events and content cater to women who are looking to strengthen areas in health, wellness  and spirituality. Natalie Garcia is a certified fitness instructor. Here's how she started her journey to being her strongest self.

"After I started my own personal health journey in 2014, losing 50lbs, gaining my energy back, improving my anxiety, and postpartum depression, that's when I started to have the desire to want to help other women. I remember feeling the pain of overwhelm, distress, anxiety, and postpartum depression and I never wanted any woman to ever feel that way. 


I was tired of not loving the skin I was in. 

I knew how much working on my health had not only transformed my physical health but also my mental health. So in March of 2015 I officially became an online health coach with little to no experience, I knew that I had just enough personal life experiences to help women in the same situations I had been in and therefore I knew I could start there. That same month I started my very first online health support group. 

Since then, I have run monthly online health support groups helping between 5-180 women at a time on their personal health, fitness, mental, and personal goals. Start working on you.  If you are a woman who has been struggling with physical and mental health, or maybe you've felt stuck in your personal life goals, I want to encourage you to start on your health first.

If you'd like more info on my personal online health support groups, want a health routine with nutritional plan to follow, and want additional accountability, leave your info below with some details on what you are currently struggling with, what have you been doing or have done in the past to work on this goal, and why now, why do you find that now is the right time for you to start working on your personal goals? Look forward to connecting and helping you on your personal health and life journey!


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Stop dreaming of a better you, Start today working on becoming your best self. Hire a certified BeachBody Coach to get you on the right track. She works with over 100 women monthly to share tips, daily exercises and support.

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