Transformations are BS

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*My Fitness Story*

Who was I?

Before I jump into my own transformation story I have to bring you back to the time when I was absolutely miserable. In February 2014 I had just had my second baby through a scheduled c-section because I had placenta previa. Never in a million years did I imagine I would have children through c-section because I was always this hoorah chick who thought she could do it all naturally, until this happened to me, and I no longer felt invisible. I literally waited until almost a week before my “scheduled” c-section to see if I could still go  through a natural vaginal birth because I believed that the power of God would move the placenta just enough to allow me to push my little miracle out the way he intended it to. But that would not be my story or path, and now I look back and I think
I know what God was doing all along---yup, He was preparing me for this day---so as we know there are no mistakes in God's plan. So although at the time I was upset about the way I brought in my second child into the world, I have learned looking back, this would be part of my story all along!

So off I went into this c-section scared to the core because I knew this was a big surgery. The post recovery wasn’t the part that ended up being the toughest, what ended up shaking me to the core was my post partum depression that I would suffer for the first time in my life even as a mom for the second time.

The first month I was fine, because you know you have all this help around the house, family, friends all pitch in to bring you food, clean your house, and your lucky enough to just focus on breastfeeding and sleeping. But then month two and three kick in, and I began feeling the effects of no sleep, sucking at breastfeeding and not making enough milk to satisfy my son, and having the responsibility of caring for another toddler who started to now regress from potty training, who cried all the time, and who just wanted her mommy. In the meantime, in my head I was already thinking about the dread I had of going back to work full time and having to leave both my kids. Did I mention that I was miserable at my full time job? I wanted to find any way out of that miserable job I could no longer partake of because of its toxic negative environment that caused me to go into a rapid anxiety filled downward spiral before I went on maternity leave. I’ll leave the details of that story for another time. Well anyways, here I was, one month before having to return to work, feeling miserable physically and mentally, and not knowing how I could get my life back again, not the pre-pregnancy one, but the one I had before I had even started that job in the first place.

So while on maternity leave, barely with any money in my savings account because on top of everything else, I was on an unpaid maternity leave, I decided to reach out to a high school friend at the time who was sharing her transformation story on social media. This was back when it was still fairly new to see transformation stories on social media and before the big push of infomercial social media pages grew even more, so I decided to reach out to my friend. At first I thought I would be signing up for a local fitness class that would allow me to workout and lose weight while recovering from my c-section, but soon I would find out that what my friend was offering wasn’t something that was very common either at the time, online health and fitness bootcamps. I was skeptical at first. I believe I said No a couple times, before I realized I was desperate, and I needed anything that would allow me to lose my post baby weight and still have time to do all those other things I needed to do from home and adjust when I went back to work full time. So I finally said yes, and my transformation story began!

My transformation

In April 2014 I would begin what I call my very first health and fitness online challenge group. Not knowing what to expect and going into it with a complete open mind, I decided to give it my all. I went in with a desire to learn, grow, and become a better person while wanting to lose at least 50lbs. What I ended up getting was way more than I would have ever imagined, I got my groove back! Between 3-4 months into my new health routine, where I was working out from home 30 minutes a day, while learning to measure my foods and putting in the very best nutrients into my body through amazing super foods, I began to see my physical transformation, and when I got on the scale I was surprisingly happy to see that I was nearly 40lbs down from my original weight!!!

Girl, when I  tell you I was jumping up and down like a kid walking into their favorite theme park, I was ecstatic! I lost not only weight, but I lost so many inches, inches in the areas of my body I thought I would never lose because I had had a c-section. But to my great surprise, that hanging belly flap started to disappear and now I started to believe that anything is possible when you truly commit to your goals and show up everyday.

My Mental Transformation

Through this new part of my mom life, I was still going through the stress of leaving my full time job, while going per diem, living on less money, having my brother move into our home to help him financially, dealing with breastfeeding, leaving for military training shy of  4 months post partum, and having to leave my little baby and crying in my barracks as I pumped alone in a room. Through my physical transformation, I was still struggling mentally. I ended up hitting my rock bottom mentally August 2014, when I remember driving like a mad woman down the road to break down to my dad. I couldn’t take the stress of living with my brother and his family. I couldn’t take the stress of work, being a mom of 2, not being happy in my marriage (which is a whole other story in of itself), and barely getting by in my physical transformation. I felt so alone despite having this amazing online community that truly blessed my life, but I wasn’t truly plugging in like I should have.

This is when I started to learn about the coaching opportunity. An opportunity that my friend kept sharing with me after just the first month of working with her. I was like “Me, be a coach, you’ve got the wrong girl!!” But little did I know that just shy of one year later of starting my health journey I would be jumping all in  into an opportunity that would forever change the trajectory of my health, my marriage, my family, my finances, and my spirituality.

That year I had to work even harder on my mental transformation, because I was very hard on myself. I believed I wasn’t enough. I fell into my old ways of thinking I wasn’t enough, that I wasn’t a good wife, that I wasn’t a good christian, that I wasn’t a good mom. It wasn’t until I decided to keep others accountable that I started to really dig deeper into a thing called Personal Development.

Never up to that point had I ever heard about Personal development and what it entailed. But once I was introduced to it, I was hooked. I started with one “feel good” book after another, pretty simple books at first. I just wanted to start building my confidence. Then a few months into my readings, I went to my very first Summit Conference Event for coaches, and that’s when everything shifted for me, and I realized I was worthy of success, I was worthy of a happy marriage, I was worthy of better health, I was worthy to become a better mother, and my mind shifted.

I started to find true joy through learning how to serve others…..and here I am three years later, living out my greatest dreams, serving women in all capacities of life all because I decided to take care of myself mentally and physically through this whole process and journey!